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Workplace Culture

Changing your workplace culture is one of the hardest tasks you’ll have to do. Human nature instinctively rejects change, even if it will be beneficial in the long run. Anxiety and fear arise as people think of changing any part of a company. First thing to do is identify the root cause existing in the corporate culture. Are the problems related to the personnel? Technology? Policies? Communication? Is your root cause too little or no profit? Think about it, if your are currently not bringing in enough profit, it may be because of too much expense. This expense may be because of an abundance of money is paid out in wages (maybe because of the ...

Employee Theft

Statistically, the most obvious form of employee theft is stealing cash from customer transactions like the cash register or from the company account. Other forms include TIME CARD FRAUD and office supply theft. The Boston Globe and Denver Post report that “time theft” and loafing cost U.S. companies over $400 Billion a year in lost productivity. Visionary Business Solutions creates opportunities for your company to gain a competitive advantage with your customers. Our programs are personalized to provide your business control of your expenses pertaining to your resources, processes, and finances.